- Dec 24, 2016
Bookworms tend to be easy marks when it comes to holiday gift-giving, since gifts for literature lovers can often be as simple as browsing through a book store and getting an interesting novel. There's more to reading than just the books themselves, however, with all sorts of gadgets, decor, and gear devoted to those who love settling down for a long read.

E-readers have become a popular option for many bookworms. While they lack the tactility of an old-fashioned paper novel, the convenience of carrying around a single lightweight device rather than stacks of books is too alluring. The Oaxis InkCase i7 can even turn consumers' smartphones into e-readers.

Literature is as much a cultural phenomenon as it is about the books themselves. As such, the book-themed handbags from krukrustudio let readers show off their fandom for various novels.

From Literary Tea Packets to E-Reader Smartphone Cases: