Blinkist Provides Thousands of Non-Fiction Book Summaries

 - Jul 11, 2016
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As the office becomes increasingly digitized and 24/7 access to things like work emails is essentially a given, finding personal time to curl up with a good book and learn something new is harder than ever--that is, without some sort of book summary app like Blinkist. Fortunately, Blinkist has attacked this modern dearth of learning time by creating an app that succinctly encapsulates the key points from thousands of the best non-fiction books available.

If users only have a couple minutes before driving to work, the book summary app offers short and jam-packed two-minute "key messages." For those with a little more time, Blinkist also offers 15-minute "insight summaries." In either case, Blinkist's users can easily tackle an entire non-fiction tome in less time than it takes to find the Good Reads section in their local book store.