Bait by Chuck Palahniuk is Filled with "Off-Color Stories For You To Color"

 - Jun 22, 2016
References: darkhorse & neatorama
Adult coloring books are all the craze right now, so it's only natural that something iek the Bait by Chuck Palahniuk would eventually be born into existence. The celebrated novelist known for his edgy, subversive and sometimes disturbing books has created an activity book that fits in line with his pop fiction genre.

With nearly 50 pages of black and white illustrations, Bait by Chuck Palahniuk was created with the help of such artists as Joƫlle Jones, Lee Bermejo, Duncan Fegredo and many more. They were guided by the writer himself to imagine scenes of "Off-Color Stories For You To Color." It is essentially an interactive anthology. Of course, people can still consider this a form of art therapy, just one that's a little more creative.