This Audio Guide Offers the Correct Way to Say Game of Thrones Names

 - Jun 14, 2016
References: elitedaily & designtaxi
With the increasing list of characters entering and exiting the Game of Thrones universe, there is bound to be a few mispronunciations of several Game of Thrones names -- especially since many have a medieval heritage or an unlikely spelling.

Elite Daily hopes to help consumers in the reading and pronunciation of said characters with an audio guide that shares the commonly misconstrued way to say the names along with the correct way they were intended to be enunciated. The guide is helpful for fans of both the television show and the books looking to correctly say the names in public. The guides are designed as quick read study charts that use syllables and the break down of sounds to help consumers probably understand how to say the names. For example, Arya Stark is meant to be pronounced as "Are-yuh Stark" rather than "Are-ee-uh Stark."