This Book Was Created to Highlight Issues Affecting Teens

 - Oct 27, 2016
References: designtaxi
This children's book uses the same style of innocent imagery that can be seen in most other books of its kind, but rather than tell an uplifting story it aims to create awareness of the issues facing many troubled adolescents in underprivileged communities.

It is quite common for troubled youth with behavioral issues to be written off as bad seeds or impossible to rehabilitate, but what is less noted is the fact that many of these teenagers face traumatic problems that affect their perspectives and behavior in their daily lives. 'Welcome to My Neighborhood' was recently released by the marketing agency 'VML' in a collaboration with 'Youth Ambassadors.' The seemingly innocent picture book reveals some of the issues that troubled adolescents face in regards to poverty, domestic abuse and gun violence. The issues are often hidden and end up coming to light in other ways that include behavioral problems, drug addiction, poor performance in school and self-harm.

This picture book is not as childlike as it appears at first glance, but it makes a poignant statement that raises awareness of the issues that cause some children and teenagers to lose their youth too young.