From Boomer Makeup Campaigns to Skin-Matching Hosiery Lines

 - Jul 7, 2017
These inclusive marketing innovations range from Boomer makeup campaigns to skin-matching hosiery lines that are designed to be versatile, and easy to personalize. While examples like Nude for All's inclusive lingerie line includes a myriad of color varieties,'s hosiery range is also diverse in tone, consisting of products that defy traditional beauty standards -- often limiting for people of color.

Additional example of inclusive marketing include LGBT fitness club campaigns that celebrate world pride while promoting a healthy lifestyle for all. Female-empowering sportswear ads like Alana Athletica's recent commercial are also a powerful example of how women are breaking barriers, and being recognized as leaders in a male-dominated industry.

Other standouts in the inclusive marketing realm include inclusive emoji apps and male makeup brand ambassadors that aim to challenge traditional gender roles.