FleshTone.net Provides Nude Hosiery in a Variety of Shades

 - Aug 5, 2016
References: fleshtone.net & refinery29
A new eCommerce site called FleshTone.net is helping women of all skin tones find nude hosiery that matches their complexion. While brand such as Nubian Skin and Naja have helped to address the extremely limited range of nude hosiery and lingerie available to women of color, this site helps to offer an even greater number of products in nude-hued shades.

FleshTone.net is both a blog and eCommerce site for women looking for skin-matching products. The site was originally started by lawyer and professional ballerina Tayo Ade, after she was unable to find a pair of nude tights to wear during one of her performances. As a result, she created FleshTone.net as a way for women to find a wide range of nude-hued products, include hosiery, lingerie, makeup and even dolls.

The site caters to the growing demand for nude hosiery and other items that satisfy the diverse needs of female consumers.