- Sep 25, 2016
These September 2016 business innovations range from social snapshot conferences to immersive car dealerships that show luxury vehicle buyers how their favorite model is designed, manufactured and marketed. In addition to these notable examples, some of the month's other memorable business ideas center around inclusivity and convenience.

While examples like FleshTone.net -- a complexion-matching hosiery retailer -- appeal to consumers of diverse ethnic backgrounds and varying skin tones -- others like Aldo's connected retail space allow consumers to access the footwear brand's online stock when ordering shoes that may not be available in store.

Other notable September 2016 business ideas include rapper merchandise pop-ups like Kanye West's global Pablo Tour activations along with content creator shops that recognize influencers' effect on consumers who are looking to them for guidance and inspiration.

From Social Snapshot Conferences to Immersive Car Showrooms: