'Gin and Bear It' Operates Out of a Classic Converted Car

'Gin and Bear It' is the name of a new mobile gin bar is enticing consumers with the idea that: "We drive, YOU drink!" The mobile pop-up bar operates out of a 1968 Morris Minor vehicle by the name of "Aubrey," that was named after Aubrey Beardsley, an illustrator who was known to work with Oscar Wilde. One of the most noticeable modifications that was made to the car to turn it into a roving bar included adding a top rack to expand available storage space.

At the bar, Gin and Bear It serves up a variety of tonics from brands like Fever-Tree or Fentimans, as well as a variety of other gin-based cocktails.

With the rise of pop-up shops, it's becoming more common to see a range of food and beverage businesses run out of small and unusual vehicles like bicycles, ice cream trucks and other mobile carts.