Ohana Cupcakes Offers Consumers an Interactive and Delicious Experience

Ohana Cupcakes has brought the joy of cupcakes to Oceanside, California with the help of interior branding designer Mindful Design Consulting. The store offers 'Create, Bake, Take' option for kids birthday parties and consumers can also purchase premade cupcakes and hang out at the Cafe section of the store watching children in the Decorating area. The store offers shaved ice and other delightful surprises in form of desserts or products such as your own little cupcakes baking ovens, aprons with patterns of cupcakes or a variety of colorful candies.

The essential delight of cupcakes is echoed by the vibrant choices made for the interior design and branding of this cupcake store. Ohana Cupcakes calls you in with a cheerful "Aloha!" as you enter the store. Tall ceilings are filled with a whimsical blend of colorful cylindrical and globe-type lighting fixtures. Wave patterns on lighting shades carry over the beach theme established by the colored concrete flooring. Wall-mounted surfboards promise customers they're about to enjoy a cupcake with all the fresh and mellow vibe of Hawaiian islands.