- Mar 13, 2014
Anyone with a sweet tooth looking to take their sugary indulgence to the next level will definitely want to take note, because these candy-specific eateries will definitely have any sweets obsessed individual craving an immediate visit.

While candy and chocolate treats are often items associated with what children tend to obsess over, there's something simply nostalgic and satisfying about indulging in confectionary delights that even adults can't seem to get enough of. Eateries and cafes that specialize in providing chocolate and pastries seek to expand the ordinary confectionary experience into something much more enticing, turning simple sugary treats into more gourmet and customized products.

From elegant chocolate eateries to colorful confection cafes, these scrumptious dining destinations are helping to transform traditionally youthful treats into more sophisticated dining options.

From Rich Chocolate Retailers to Sketched Sweets Shops: