New York Candy Store Candy Rox Blends Street Swagger with Sweets

 - May 11, 2011
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Candy Rox is a confectionery shop based in Rye, New York, that offers everything from candy to clothing to skateboarding gear.

The shop was designed by d-ash Design and is a perfect blend of New York city street cool swagger and traditional local candy store appeal. The influence of graffiti, music, surfing and art culture is palpable when taking a look around the store. Walls display spray-painted graffiti boomboxes next to the latest vinyl indie-rock offering, across from a wall full of jellybeans.

The store has a "house" graffiti artist who does in-store demonstrations as well as custom t-shirt airbrushing, and it has a customizable candy catering service. Rye, New York, is only 22 miles away from New York City and may be worth adding to your New York City bucket list. Check out the pictures in our gallery to get a better view of what Candy Rox has to offer.