from Deep-Fried Watermelons to Cake-Filled Fruit

 - Aug 2, 2014
Rather than totally give up baked goods for fruit, why not be able to get the best of both worlds with a fruit-based dessert? These treats go way above and beyond boring fruit salads and parfaits, remixing cakes, pies and even some dishes that don't typically include fruit.

In addition to being pretty satisfying, these fruity desserts are great for getting a fix of both the good-for-you and bad-for-you sugars. Due to the small size of berries, bananas and apples, these recipes also have a tendency to be smaller in size, so that indulging never feels like something you should be ashamed of. Although you may have some go-to recipes for cookies and cakes, these ones infused with fruit are pretty fun ways to shake up a regular dessert routine.