The Strawberry Filled Dough Knots are a Satisfying Tart Treat

The strawberry-filled Dough Knots use sliced strawberries instead of jam filling to bring out a natural fruity flavor.

Pillsbury crescent dough is cut into slices and buttered with a healthy serving of cream cheese. Then fresh strawberries are chopped up and added to the mix. The dough slices are rolled and crisscrossed into pretzel formations. They will come out of the oven as flaky knots awaiting your hand to ice them with sugared glaze and powder them with colorful sprinkles.

When you sink your teeth into the strawberry filled dough knots your taste buds will go giddy over the fresh tart taste of the berries mixed with the thin buttery pastry. Not to mention all the beautiful colored sprinkles will delight your eyes.