- Feb 3, 2015
Even though cake is the standard dessert people serve when celebrating birthdays, it can be nice to switch things up with cake alternatives. Whether you are planning a kid's birthday party and he or she doesn't like the texture of regular cake, there are dietary restrictions or you just want to stand out, there are lots of relevant recipes out there.

If you are not into sweet desserts at all, savory options like potato chip cupcakes, pepperoni pizza cakes and luxurious birthday burgers are all interesting cake alternatives. Cheesecakes, pies and cupcakes are less out-there, but still provide variety (like peanut butter cheesecake recipes, grain-free gourd desserts and refreshing watermelon cupcakes). You can also incorporate birthday foods for a fun twist, as seen with birthday cake pancakes, fruity granola pizzas, cereal casserole dishes or waffle-based decadent donut desserts.

From Cookie-Combined Dessert Pizzas to DIY Savory Gumbo Cupcakes: