These Potato Chip Confectionaries by Matt Robicelli are Savory and Sweet

 - Jul 7, 2014
References: amazon & seriouseats
Chef and baker Matt Robicelli created this decadent recipe for pecan potato chip cupcakes that creatively combines the sugary taste of baked goods with the crunchy, salty texture of ruffled chips.

Robicelli is one of the authors behind the ‘Robicelli: A Love Story, With Cupcakes’ cookbook that teaches wannabe bakers how to make yummy, out of this world cupcakes. One of the recipes included is this pecan potato chip cupcake that sumptuously blends sweet and salty flavors together in a unique way. The cupcake begins with a vanilla cake based filled with crunchy potato chips and pecan bits. The cupcake is topped with a luxurious vanilla buttercream drizzled with bourbon butterscotch sauce. More pecan and chip bits are sprinkled on top of the cupcake for an added layer of crunch.