Erica's Sweet Tooth Bakes up the Oreo Cheesecake Layer Cake

 - Mar 27, 2014
References: ericasweettooth
The only thing that could make a cheesecake that much better is making it an Oreo cheesecake, and that's exactly what was done by Erica from Erica's Sweet Tooth.

The crazy part about this recipe is it's more like two cakes in one, topped off with delicious cookies. Not only is it a cheesecake, but also a layer cake too! Of course, this is a word of warning for anyone trying to go on a diet. The ingredients do not scream healthy, so be sure to attempt this one in multiple sittings, or with plenty of guests. Cocoa powder, sugar, icing and cream cheese are just a few of the items you will be mixing together and stuffing in your belly later on. For me, this Oreo cheesecake is totally worth it!