From Cherry Cheesecake Shooters to Ombre Cheesecake Dips

 - Jul 24, 2015
These delicious cheesecakes are rich in flavor and artistic in design. Whether a dairy-free eater or vegan, there is a cheesecake to pertain to any consumer's diet.

Red velvet Oreo cheesecakes offer three iconic elements for an ultimate confection where as cheesecake waffles make cake a super sweet breakfast dish. These savory cheesecakes also include cheesecake desserts presented in a very unusual way. Cheesecake shooters will have consumers eating out of miniature glasses while cheesecake dips are consumed with sugar cookies. For the vegan consumer, a line of dairy-free cheesecakes is also featured.

Vegans are sure to enjoy raw strawberry cheesecakes that utilize coconut milk and other tropical fruits whereas apple cranberry cheesecakes are another raw confection perfect for the fall season.