'Gourmet Gaming' Turns Digital Treats and Meals into Reality

 - Oct 5, 2011
References: gourmetgaming & kotaku
It's rare that people successfully combine two, disparate passions, but Daniella Zelli has managed to meld her love of food and videogames with her project 'Gourmet Gaming.'

Part-blog and part-DIY tutorial, Daniella's website juxtaposes the most delectable food found in video games with her own culinary recreations of them. Fortunately for the amateur chef, game developers seem to choose health upgrade and potion-related foods: fruit cake, stacked sandwiches and Meat Lover's pizza to name a few. After all, it's not as though head cheese or kidney pie would revitalize you! Gourmet Gaming has already transformed dozens of in-game delights into real world meals, including apple pies from Fable 2 and cheesecakes from Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. Should you want to munch on your own version of Super Mario's Shiitake mushrooms, these recipes will provide all the instructions you need.