From Anatomical Cupcakes to Rich Red Velvet Flapjacks

 - Jul 22, 2015
These red velvet desserts offer far more than the standard cake. With breakfast options and brunch bites, these crazy confections completely refashion the iconic dessert.

While a plate of pancakes is a usual breakfast dish, 'That's So Yummy's' red velvet pancakes make for a delicious breakfast/dessert hybrid while Anyonita Nibbles's red velvet flapjacks are drizzled with Nutella. These Red velvet desserts may not include any conventional red velvet cakes, but cupcakes are definitely featured. 'Bird On a Cake's' Valentine's Day cupcakes are filled with heart-shaped cream cheese icing whereas chocolate red velvet cupcakes feature a secret cannabis-infused ingredient.

Moreover, these red velvet desserts also make a great accomplice to Oreo cookies. Oreo-stuffed red velvet cupcakes and hybrid cookie milkshakes offer the best of both treats.