Chicago's Waffle Cafe's Wonut Combines a Breakfast Staple and Sugary Treat

The waffle donut, or wonut, could be the next big thing in terms of confectionary combination crazes. Available at Chicago's Waffle Cafe, the waffle donuts come in a variety of flavors and toppings including red velvet, sprinkles, chocolate, frosting and glazed. The miniature waffles appear to be deep fried, as one would with a regular donut, and is dressed like a donut as well.

This mouth-watering treat is ideal for foodies who have grown tired of the cronut (a croissant and donut hybrid), as well as anyone who has a sweet tooth. The waffle donut could be enjoyed as a sugary snack, a delicious dessert or at breakfast to kickstart your day.

Here is hoping the wonut catches on in other parts of the world outside of Chicago.