- Nov 12, 2015
These savory pork snacks will curb mid-morning or late night cravings for pork chops. However, if pork cravings do pop up in the morning, there is a new line of pork-infused jams that is perfect for dipping crackers in or for spreading atop a healthy multi-grain bagel.

Additionally, Ritz released a pork-flavored cracker that lets foodies skip the jam altogether. If your sweet tooth kicks in, the 'Oink, Oink' brand offers a sweet treat of pork rinds drenched in milk chocolate. For the more adventurous eater, Brooklyn-based 'Carnem Prime Steakhouse' offers guests a sweet candy floss, which is surrounding slices of braised pork belly.

Instead of feasting on an over-sized portion of meat, these snacks will easily satisfy overwhelming cravings. Whether you're looking for a sweet and savory pork dish or a crunchy pork cracker, there are a variety of snack-sized options to choose from.

From Meaty Cotton Candy Confections to Delicious Pork-Infused Crackers: