Oink, Oink Pork Rinds Are Covered with White and Milk Chocolate

In addition to being able to get a sense of what Young and Beautifood's 'Oink, Oink' pork rinds taste like plain, the brand also offers its snacks with white and milk chocolate coatings. Although pork is usually thought of as a savory flavor, the coated versions of these snacks give adventurous foodies the chance to indulge in flavors from dinner and dessert foods all at once.

Supperstudio was put to the task of developing packaging for Oink, Oink and developed a series of clean, colorful and crisp tubes to make this unusual pork product stand out on the shelves. As unconventional as the combination of pork and chocolate may be, the branding and packaging for this product manages to sell the idea and make it look quite decadent in the process.