Fast Food Brands are Always Devising New Plans to Drive Customer Interest

 - May 12, 2016
Fast food brands and products are constantly evolving, both fighting against and reinforcing the unhealthy stereotypes they are often associated with. Although the growing demographic of healthy consumers might initially oppose these companies, most major brands have evolved to grow these new needs.

From fried chicken-flavored nail polish to vegan burgers and gluten-free buns, the innovations offered by fast food brands are appealing to a diverse consumer demographic. A notable example includes a fun and strange campaign such as KFC's chicken nail polish concept. The company's quirky ad encourages customer participation in choosing a flavor for mass-production.

Meanwhile, social media geofilters and apps help drive sales by increasing brand awareness and customer loyalty as well. With fast food brands being synonymous with convenience, many have taken to providing patrons with self-ordering kiosks that cutting down on company expenses while ruling out human error.