This Chain Offers Free WiFi to Students Who Can Pass an Exam

 - Mar 31, 2016
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KFC Romania recently teamed up with MRM/McCann Romania to offer free WiFi to students who can answer skill-testing questions. The initiative was launched after the majority of the country's high school students were unable to pass the baccalaureate exam. Now KFC is tackling the issue by rewarding those who study for the exam.

The 'WiFi Test Campaign' is an initiative that aims to provide free WiFi for students in Romania. As part of the campaign, KFC's router software will be embedded with 1,600 questions compiled from old baccalaureate exams. Students will then be required to answer these questions correctly in order to gain access to the free WiFi. For each question the student answers correctly, they will receive one hour of free WiFi at a KFC location. Is the student answers the question incorrectly, the program will show them the right answer.

The initiative encourages students to study by giving them a way to test their knowledge without limiting themselves to textbooks.