From School-Based Grocery Programs to Wage Gap Coloring Books

 - May 14, 2016
From school-based grocery programs that provide healthy food for low-income families to wage gap coloring books that draw attention to income inequality, the May 2016 social good trends reveal unbridled creativity when it comes to addressing pressing social issues.

One issue that has recently gained a lot of attention is that of food deserts. This refers to neighborhoods that lack easy access to supermarkets and grocers selling fresh food. To combat this issue, organizations have come up with creative initiatives such as farmers market food trucks that travel directly to neighborhoods in need, school-based grocery programs that ensure students have access to inexpensive produce and community fridges that give the hungry access to leftover food.

Another issue that has received a lot of attention recently is that of the gender wage gap, which was brought to light by Equal Pay Day on April 12th. As the May 2016 social good trends demonstrate, many businesses drew attention to the issue by playing on the fact that women continue to earn just 79 cents for every dollar a man makes. Some examples of creative wage gap campaigns include adult coloring books with images that are only 79 percent completed, restaurant promotions only requiring women to pay 79 percent of their bill and pie chart-inspired cakes divided based on gender inequalities.