This Stunt Dressed Up Stray Dogs as Purebreds for Halloween

 - Mar 28, 2016
References: creativecriminals
In a wonderful effort to help the excess of six million stray dogs in Peru, Grupo Caridad created the 'Adoption Costumes' campaign.

In this heartwarming video, animal advocates explain how the public discriminates not only amongst humans but also animals, creating a disparity in the types of dogs that get adopted. In a world inundated with Frenchie and Pug Instagram accounts, it is important to remember that a dog is a dog and it will love you endlessly whether purebred or not. The recent surge in dog breed fads creates an abundance of mixed breed dogs that end up being left in shelters.

In Adoption Costumes, homeless dogs are placed in purebred costumes to resemble popular breeds like the Poodle, Samoyed and Dalmatian. When taken to the streets, people loved and approached them instantly. The dogs are playful, harmless and utterly lovable. Adoption Costumes tugs at your heartstrings with a plea from stray pups: "I can be as playful, I can be as fun, I can be as educated, I can be as faithful, I can be as loving as a purebred dog."