From Nutritionally Complete Cakes to Tornado Threat Apps

 - Apr 23, 2016
From energy-saving events and literacy programs to clean water initiatives, the top April 2016 social good ideas span a range of world issues. One of the most prevalent issues addressed in these social good ideas is the refugee crisis. Attention is being drawn to the Syrian refugee crisis with initiatives like run clubs, coding camps and data-donating initiatives.

In order to help people put themselves in the shoes of another person who is not as fortunate, 'The Source' was created as a virtual reality experience to simulate what it's like to fetch fresh drinking water.

In terms of some of the lasting products that are being created as tangible reminders of these issues, one of the most interesting examples comes from the Canadian Fair Trade Network, which recently created a chocolate bar for Easter that reminds of the child labor that is often involved in the harvesting of cocoa products.