The 'Intrusive Thoughts' Website is Designed to Help Those with OCD

A new website called 'Intrusive Thoughts' aims to provide support for those who suffer from OCD. While there are many different kinds of resources for people who suffer from OCD, this site is meant to simply provide information and reassurance for those who are trying to figure out whether their symptoms amount to general anxiety or an actual clinical disorder.

Intrusive Thoughts was started by Aaron Harvey, as a way to bring OCD sufferers like himself together to provide support for one another. Harvey primarily created the site for those who may have Googled their symptoms while "looking for an understanding of what's happening in their head." The site is meant to convey a sense of empathy and make users feel normal for experiencing intrusive thoughts. In addition to providing support, the site also includes information about OCD and resources for effective treatment.

For those who are reluctant to seek treatment for OCD-related thoughts, the site provides a useful resource for those who want to know more about the disorder.