Citizens Help the Mayor of Heidelberg by Suggesting Projects Online

 - Mar 26, 2016
The current Mayor of Heidelberg is asking citizens of the German city what projects matter the most to them. Now, many voters are familiar with the promise that politicians will listen to the people's concerns, ideas and hopes, without actually experiencing any change. In this case, however, the leader is not only listening, he is putting their suggestions to action and engaging in open conversation. How truly democratic!

The #GetTheMayor campaign and platform is an online community where the people of Heidelberg can raise issues in their city, vote on suggested projects and discuss them. All the while, Mayor Dr. Eckart Würzner is reading and gaining real and significant insight into how to improve the metropolis. Suggestions with the most votes get put on the priority list, and people behind them get a visit from the Mayor himself.

This truly connected social initiative certainly serves as a shining example of how any city can take steps to realize its full potential, thanks to outstanding cooperation and transparency between politicians and citizens.