This Software is Designed to Make College Campuses Safer

Jessica Ladd is on a mission to make college campuses safer by tackling the issue of sexual assault. In recent years, the issue of campus sexual assault has become widely recognized as a major problem. Now Ladd is looking to combat the problem with an ingenious form of software.

'Callisto' is a new type of software that not only helps to deter assault, but also makes it easier for students to report a crime and for law enforcement to catch repeat offenders. This is possible due to a unique program that allows students to create an encrypted and time-stamped record of their assault. The student can then decide whether they want to give it to the school immediately or enter it into Callisto’s matching system. If the software detects more than one assault by the same assailant, it will then notify the school.

The idea behind the software is to spare survivors from the trauma of reporting their assault directly to law enforcement or campus officials. Instead, Callisto allows survivors make reports on their own terms while simultaneously helping make college campuses safer.