This Adult Coloring Book from Bizwomen Comments on Pay Inequality

 - Apr 12, 2016
References: bizjournals
In order to mark Equal Pay Day, Bizwomen created 'The 79.8 % Coloring Book' in order to bring awareness to ongoing pay inequality issues.

Through a series of illustrations, the downloadable PDF coloring book underlines a core message: on average, women's salaries are 79.8 percent of men's. In order to illustrate this fully, the book features only partial drawings of soccer balls, computers, unicorns and cheques, representing significant wage gaps. For greater awareness-raising, Bizwomen encourages people to share photos of their colored creations with the #EqualPayDay tag on social media.

Considering that adult coloring books are now seeing their time in the spotlight, this is a clever and lighthearted medium for Bizwomen to use to address a serious issue in the United States and beyond.