From DIY Furniture Kits to Feminist Coloring Books

 - May 2, 2016
These adult crafting innovations range from feminist coloring books to DIY furniture kits that are designed for creative audiences. Promoting hands-on crafting and construction techniques, these novelty products, art kits and tutorials are reflective of a growing maker culture.

In addition to standouts like DIY rainbow paint rollers and paper-crafted pinatas that are both festive and inexpensive, other notables include more niche, holiday products. These range from alcoholic advent calendars -- made from used wine bottles -- to string light Christmas trees that are created using common household materials.

Other adult crafting innovations include monthly sneaker subscriptions and customizable sneaker kits that encourage authenticity and personalization among fashion fans. Though inspired by childhood, these crafting examples target a cost-conscious Millennial demographic who thrives when expressing themselves creatively.