This Hybrid Roller Uses 10 Different Colors to Paint Beautiful Rainbows

 - Jul 21, 2015
References: instructables & designtaxi
Antzy Carmasaic has created a DIY rainbow paint roller that combines 10 different colors into a single handheld device. Carmasaic explains that the initial design for the rainbow roller was inspired by the popular internet meme, the 'Nyan Cat.'

While most paint rollers can only transfer a single color at a time, Carmasaic's invention is able to paint 10 different colors at once. The colors are placed in accurate order and seamlessly blend to create the perfect rainbow design. In his step-by-step guide, Carmasaic explains how to turn a regular paint roller into a rainbow rolling device. To complete the tutorial, users will need an acrylic paint set, an acrylic sheet, a nonabsorbent sponge, an ultra-absorptive kitchen cleaning sponge, a paint roller, superglue and a hand file.

While this DIY project is time-consuming, the end result creates a handy rainbow paint roller that will help you paint beautiful rainbow designs.