From Tropical Sour Cream Desserts to Printed Pot Gardens

 - Aug 2, 2015
These August 2015 DIY trends highlight a variety of recipes and step-by-step guides that make replicating that expensive bag you desire a breeze.

A playful tutorial instructs you on how to turn a plain pair of white sneakers into a pair of fruit watermelon kicks that are perfect for summer. Meanwhile, 3D-printed pot gardens help kick-start your at-home hydroponics system without dishing out a lot on expensive tools.

In terms of recipes, there are plenty of selections that fuse the world of health and indulgence in ways that won't break your diet. Homemade peach ice cream made from sour cream is a lighter summertime treat than traditional varieties, while grilled melon pizzas offer a refreshing take on everyone's favorite comfort food.