This Design Tool Lets You Print Graphics Directly onto Your Wall

 - Jun 27, 2015
References: & mymodernmet
An industrial design student named Benjamin Loinger has created this amazing wall printer that is used to produce designs and graphics directly onto your wall. The design tool is called 'Printtex.'

Printtex is a hand-held wall printer that connects to your phone or computer so you can easily upload a design you want to print onto the wall. The printer focuses on the space you want to print and aligns itself through formatting technology. The space will appear on your phone or computer to show you exactly where the image will be printed, how big it will be and what colors will appear.

This innovative tool eliminates the hassle of wallpaper or primer and paint by simply printing the design you want just like an ink-jet printer. You can customize the machine to print any graphic, image or design concept. The ultimate goal for this fascinating tool is to lend it out to people through a rental service.