This Recipe for Homemade Kombucha is Completely Customizable

 - Jul 12, 2015
References: shutterbean
The 'Shutterbean' blog has developed a recipe for homemade kombucha that is fun and easy to follow. While kombucha is a delicious and healthy drink, it can often be expensive to buy at the store. This recipe helps you enjoy homemade kombucha anytime and save a few dollars while you're at it.

While the kombucha brewing process may seem intimidating, it is actually relatively simple. To begin making your homemade kombucha, you will need a gallon jar, a scoby, tea sugar, a cheesecloth, pH level strips and a sticker thermometer. Begin by brewing a batch of sweet tea and then adding it to your kombucha starter. Ensure the temperature is not above 88 degrees Fahrenheit before adding your scoby yeast mixture. Next, check the pH level to ensure it is below 4.5. To finish, cover the mixture with a cheesecloth and then leave in a warm place for seven to 10 days.

Once your kombucha is brewed, you can also add fruits to the tea to give it an additional boost of flavor.