This No-Bake Recipe for Healthy Paleo Protein Bars is a Crunchy Snack

 - Jul 2, 2015
References: buzzfeed
This BuzzFeed recipe for paleo protein bars is extremely simple, quick and takes zero bake time. This ultra healthy snack is the perfect way to boost energy and enjoy a snack without overloading on calories.

All you need to make this recipe needs is a blender and a pan. First blend up two cups of your favorite nuts -- any kind will do! Then in a large bowl, combine two handfuls of coconut, a quarter cup of chocolate protein powder and a quarter cup of cacao, a few dashes of chia seeds and a third of a cup of nut butter. Stir it up and add half a cup of melted coconut oil before scooping it all into a pan.

After about thirty minutes in the fridge, these tasty paleo protein bars are ready to be cut up and enjoyed!