- Dec 31, 2015
Mild spice like cinnamon, cloves and ginger is extremely popular this time of year, but some are turning to chai tea recipes to incorporate similar seasonal flavor. Chai is a flavored tea beverage that combines black tea with Indian spices and herbs. It is this combination of caffeine and spice that is being added to everything from desserts to unconventional drinks.

Surprisingly, many people are adding a different herb to their chai tea recipes -- marijuana. This can be seen in cannabis breakfast puddings and cannabis ice teas. The former is a THC-infused chia seed pudding that puts a new spin on the term 'wake and bake,' where as the former is a 420-friendly version of a Thai libation.

Chai tea can also be integrated into popsicles, baked goods and nontraditional toppings.

From Autumnally Loaded Loaves to Cannabis Breakfast Puddings: