This Refreshing Chai Lemonade Drink is Infused with Coconut

 - Jun 5, 2014
References: honestlyyum & honestlyyum
While chai lattes are all the rage to regular cafe frequenters, this coconut chai lemonade is a great way to enjoy the aromatic taste of chai as a refreshing summer drink.

To make this delicious summer drink, begin by making a chai-infused syrup from coconut milk, sugar and a chai-flavored tea bag. Once the syrup is at a thick enough consistency, you can begin to make the lemonade by putting lemon juice, the chai syrup, water and ice into a cocktail shaker. Once the drink is well mixed, you can pour it into a tall glass and garnish with a pinwheel of lemon and a bit of cinnamon. If you'd like to make this coconut lemon chia a cocktail, feel free to add a splash of rum.