The 'Personal Tattoo Machine' Allows User to Self-Administer Tattoos

 - Jul 4, 2015
References: dezeen & dezeen
Royal College of Art graduate Jakub Pollág recently developed a personal tattoo machine that allows users to self-administer permanent tattoos. Pollág explains that the idea for the project developed after he noticed that only a limited number of people had control over the tools used to administer tattoos. He developed the 'Personal Tattoo Machine' as a way of democratizing the tattoo industry by making it easier for more people to design their own body art.

The Personal Tattoo Machine is powered by a small direct-current motor inside the machine. This tiny motor drives the internal components and causes the pulsing motion necessary for using the needle. The personal tattoo device only has one thickness to choose from and it is set at a slower speed, making it ideal for novices to use. While the idea of administering your own body art may seem daunting, Pollág insists that the device is sterile, safe and easy enough for anyone to use.