These DIY Summer Pickles Will Add a Zing to Any Picnic or Barbecue

 - Jun 27, 2015
References: methodhome
This tangy DIY recipe from Method Home will help you create the best tasting summer pickles by upgrading the traditionally packaged store-bought dills.

To create these crunchy delicious dills, start with four large pickles. Vertically slice them up into long spears without making them too thin and just set them aside while you create the brine. Combine a cup of water with a cup of vinegar and boil it. Add a touch of salt, sugar, fresh dill, garlic, some dill, mustard and coriander seeds and let it simmer. After it cools pour the brine into a jar then add the spear-sliced pickles and set in the fridge. For a touch of heat, you can also add some chili flakes.

The best part about this zesty condiment is that it goes great with a burger, chicken or simply munched on all by itself. These party-pleasing pickles are perfectly good to keep in the fridge for about three days after they are made.