Form Organic Cacao Wafers to Maple Sap Sugar Alternatives

 - Jun 18, 2015
These artisan ingredients range from maple sap sugar alternatives to spreadable vino jams that are infused with an alcoholic beverage blend. In recent years, millennial consumers have become more nutrition-focused than ever before, making alternative sweeteners, flavored salts and exotic spices popular among foodies with refined tastes.

In addition to floral and saffron-infused table salts, other artisan ingredients that satisfy the savory palette include olive oil butters, potato-crafted confections and even yogurts that are vegetable and herb-flavored rather than traditionally fruity.

For those with a serious sweet tooth, peanut butter cup spreads and chocolate hummus products fill every occasion with at least a bit of chocolate. Other favorites include gourmet pumpkin seeds -- suitable for sweet an savory recipes -- along with superfood whey, hemp and lucuma powders that give morning smoothies and cereals that extra heath kick.