Earth Balance's Avocado Oil Spread is Like a Non-Dairy Butter

With a new Avocado Oil Spread, Earth Balance continues to provide healthy plant-based alternatives to butter. The spread is made with a blend of palm, avocado and canola oil, with a tablespoon-sized serving containing 100 calories from fat—which is comparable to butter. What sets it apart is the fatty acids in the product, since the Avocado Oil Spread contains less than half of the saturated fats as its dairy counterpart.

The vegan, gluten-free, soy-free and non-GMO culinary spread was showcased at Expo West 2015, joining Earth Balance's collection of other flavorful non-dairy spreads like Organic Coconut, Organic Sweet Cinnamon and Organic Garlic & Herbs.

As far as the uses for this spread go, it can be used for anything from spreading over toast to baking healthy cookies and roasting potatoes.