These DIY Macarons are Designed to Look Like Classic BBQ Dishes

 - Jul 1, 2015
References: alanajonesmann
The 'Alana Jones-Mann' blog has produced a BBQ-ready recipe for DIY macarons. While delicate French cookies are not usually a standard BBQ dish, these quirky macarons are perfect for any summer party.

The DIY macarons require several ingredients, but they can all be purchased as a kit in order to ensure that you will have everything you need. Once your have your macaron-making tools, you can begin assembling your BBQ-inspired cookies. One of the easiest cookies to tackle is the tiny burger-inspired macaroons, which use dyed-green coconut shavings as the lettuce. There are also BBQ grill-shaped macarons, which feature candy chicken thighs and drumsticks on top. Finally, there are the corn cob macarons, which are made from yellow and white jelly beans.

While this DIY project may take some time, the result is a batch of whimsical cookies that are perfect for your next summer get together.