- Oct 15, 2015
These Star Wars desserts are the perfect treats to munch on when enjoying a marathon of your favorite film series. Featuring all the iconic characters that make the geeky franchise great, these desserts are nerdy and delicious.

ZeeK Confeitaria's Star Wars chocolate is far more creative than the unusual candy bar, while Darth Vader s'mores make a great geeky snack. Star Wars desserts also include colossal cakes such as Cake Central's AT-AT Walker tribute cake and the 150 pound R2-D2 cake. Lovers of macaroons can find comfort in Fork to Belly's Storm Trooper macaroons as well as Semi Sweet Designs' Death Star confections and Techna Bob's assorted Star Wars Parisian desserts.

Whether a fan of Darth Vader or C-3PO, these Star Wars desserts cater to all fans of the sci-fi films.

From Animated Character Cookies to Space Station Confections: