These Darth Vader Cupcakes Were Designed to Celebrate Star Wars Weekend

To celebrate the up-and-coming Star Wars Weekends at the Disney World Park, Disney created these villainous Darth Vader cupcakes to be sold to Star Wars fanatics at the park's bakery locations.

These Darth Vader cupcakes come in a clever chocolate flavoring to replicate the dark black color of Darth Vader's costume. These chocolaty Star Wars cupcakes feature a chocolate molded Darth Vader face mask dipped into a delectable chocolate ganache. The cupcake is then topped with scrumptious dark chocolate shavings, crunchy chocolate sprinkles and an edible red lightsaber.

To promote Star Wars Weekend and the intergalactic Darth Vader confectioneries, Disney released a video of the empty bakery at night. With no one around, the Darth Vader cupcake come to life and use their evil red lightsaber to reek havoc on the other pastries.