From Branded Beach Blankets to Luxurious Beach Towels

 - Jun 25, 2015
Hitting the beach or sitting poolside during the glorious months of summer just wouldn't be complete without one of these perfect summer beach towels. Whether you use a towel to dry off after a cool dip in the water, as a picnic blanket or just as your own personal spot-reserving tool, there are so many interesting summer beach towels.

One great beach towel comes in the form of an over-sized circular blanket. This luxurious beach towel is made from soft cloth material and can hold up to eight people. It comes with a hole in the center to place an umbrella as well.

Other beach towels view the summer months as an opportunity to convey a message. Towels such as Shantell Martin's AIDS awareness towel is a genius marketing tool and beach accessory. No matter what your beach or poolside style is, there is a towel to suit every occasion.