May the 4th Be With You and This Star Wars Cake Design from Tuff Cookie Cakes

This adorable Star Wars cake design from Tuff Cookie Cakes is perfect for belated Star Wars day celebrations, which took place on May the 4th. The force is strong with this wonderful Wookie-featuring cake, which is almost too cute to eat.

The intergalactic buttercream creation has fondant and gumpaste decorations with a hand-sculpted Chewbacca made from edible materials. The gentle non-English speaking first mate is clearly the inspiration for this Star Wars cake design, as there is a characteristic sash circling the circumference of the cake and has brown fur-imitating icing. The epic sidekick is also prominently situated on top of the cake.

This Star Wars cake design is great not just for May the 4th, but also for birthdays.