This Stellar R2-D2 Cake Weighs a Whopping 150 Pounds

 - Jan 22, 2014
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This larger-than-life R2-D2 cake will surely catch the eye of any movie fan who can appreciate the significance that this little Star Wars character has.

While there are a million different products and baked goods out there that are constantly being dedicated to movies such as the Star Wars franchise, this unique R2-D2 creation differs in size and stature, coming in at an astounding 150 pounds. Made entirely from white chocolate, this creative cake is completely edible and made with details that any diehard Star Wars fan will appreciate. This R2-D2 cake visually showcases just how beloved this little droid character really is.

Made with a lot of care and detail, this stunning Star Wars confection is serving to pay tribute to a classic movie character that people all over the world recognize.